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Japanese Garden in Santo Domingo

The Jardin Botanico Nacional is a pleasant diversion to take in this lively bustling city of Santo Domingo. I was here on a day trip, having decided to spend my holiday week in Punta Cana, on the eastern tip of the island.

Even more surprising is the awe-inspiring Japanese garden which offers the perfect place to relax, or have a break. Once you are up on your feet, there are many other attractions to enjoy. I also loved the tropical rainforest, and the Orchid Pavilion. This Botanical Garden is a must see if you are visiting Santo Domingo.

Jardin Botanico Nacional: Japanese Garden in Santo Domingo
Jardin Botanico Nacional: Japanese Garden in Santo Domingo
Japanese Garden: Santo Domingo 2Japanese Garden: Santo Domingo 3Japanese Garden:  Santo Domingo 4Japanese Garden Santo Domingo 5Japanese Garden: Santo Domingo 6

The Pereskia Collection

Pereskia are some of my favourite plants. At first glance, you would never guess that they belong to the Cactaceae group. But closer inspection will reveal some similarities, especially areoles and spines. Altogether there are around seventeen species, all needing a warm tropical climate to grow vigorously, and survive. The P. grandiflora is easily the most common, and regularly makes an appearance in botanical gardens. They will grow from a seed or cutting, and may produce blooms after two or three seasons. In tropical habitats, they are better off in the ground. But be careful, because they can easily grow in to trees, more than three metres tall.