Monthly Archives: August 2021

Summer 21

Summer 21 is here, and let us be honesst it is a poor representation as far as the weather is concerned. But we have to manage with what we have, and as the pandemic is still around I will concentrate on the elements which enhance my thought processes. Here, I will offer you some photos from my greenhouse experience, and visits to the local UK based gardens.

THE GREENHOUSE: Having a greenhouse is very necessary as it facilitates easier growing of plants, especially tropical plans. It can be absolutely useful in the winter when temperatures fall below what we need, and the plants are affected negatively.

GARDEN IMAGES. This is RHS Wisley, and the photo firstly illustrate plants under cover. The second set of photos remind you that there are lots of things to see outdoors.

What’s Outdoors

Aeoniums were not always some of my favourites, as it took some time for me to understand that they were easy to grow in our temperate weather. now I grow quite a few species some of which are illustrated below.

Swartkop in Bloom

Winston James on a sombre grey evenng in the middle of summer. This is the UK.