Greenhouse Flowers

The last three months have been not surprisingly being very tense, and full with drama. Wherever we are, few of us could escape the events fueled by Covid 19, and yet for me the only activity that I managed to pursue with some kind of vengeance during that time, was gardening. This way, I organised to keep the bad news in check, and often was able many times to smugly admit I was having a great time. The failure of our government to test, track and trace successfully, did depress me, but I soon accepted this scenario had become commonplace among quite a few other leaders in Europe.

Gardening for me comes in three parts; the regular gardening which most people do … placing plants in the ground only happens in a very small scale as my back yard has to accommodate my three greenhouses in which I grow my pseudo tropical plants. Therefore a lot of my time is spent juggling pots in and out of the greenhouses, often dictated by the daily changes of the weather. The third part of my plant existence is to facilitate the selling of my succulents on my Ebay account . This is not always easy to manage, but since I do make a kind of living from it I believe I should not complain. Plant activity was far more evident around London, in spite of the emotional stress caused by the lock down and social distancing, and I am sure it went a long way to ease some of the pain. For me it was the perfect therapy for my survival for the last few months.

Here is a combination of flowers which appeared in my greenhouse in the last three months. Almost all of these plants are grown in pots, making the task quite easy to swap and change.

Epicactus(Epiphyllum) is a must in a greenhouse
Opuntia flowers appear in many shades
Parodia magnifica
Parodia species
Aporocactus species
Oroya peruviana
Opuntia flower
Euphorbia flanaganii
Sarracenia flava
Aporocactus flagelliformis
Echinicereus species
Pereskia grandifolia
the Greenhouse

Cylindropuntia spinosior
the Greenhouse

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