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Arizona in Photos

At that this time of the month for the last few years I have always travelled to the state of Arizona. This year will be an exception as the current situation with the pandemic has literally ended all my travel intention. I thought therefore I will reflect via some photos on the areas I have visited in the last few years.

Sierra Ancha is a mountain range in Gila county in central Arizona. It now has improved roads which makes it easier to penetrate, and visit the many archaeological remains which exist.

Arizona for me is still the land of Agaves with many other succulents thrown in to the characteristic xeric landscape.

I love the succulents and I love them when the flowers are in bloom.

And it is important to remember this is the state of wonderful saguaros.

Plant Nurseries are numerous which means that if you are looking for seedlings and young specimens, you will find lots of them in Tucson and in Phoenix.

And there are the cities with active people.

Winston James in a cold wet London


This is my second visit to China, and I was very impressed to to be in what is now the largest city in the world.  It is definitely more of the metropolis landmark than Beijing, which I had visited last year.  I was staying at the Novotel Shanghai Atlantis in Pudong, and from my room on the 31st floor, the view was fantastic.  Just as I was told, Shanghai does display all the signs of a vibrant financial centre, and convinces you, without a doubt, that it is the best place to do business.

To get there, I took a long journey with Qatar Airways.  It involved a six hour afternoon flight from London to Doha, and yes I finally made it to city in the Middle East. But it was not for very long , just two hours later, I was headed for a nine hour flight to Shanghai, which had me arriving the following day in the afternoon.  The experience was very revealing, and full of surprises to me, as I was passing through that part of the world for the first time.

Japanese Garden in Santo Domingo

The Jardin Botanico Nacional is a pleasant diversion to take in this lively bustling city of Santo Domingo. I was here on a day trip, having decided to spend my holiday week in Punta Cana, on the eastern tip of the island.

Even more surprising is the awe-inspiring Japanese garden which offers the perfect place to relax, or have a break. Once you are up on your feet, there are many other attractions to enjoy. I also loved the tropical rainforest, and the Orchid Pavilion. This Botanical Garden is a must see if you are visiting Santo Domingo.

Jardin Botanico Nacional: Japanese Garden in Santo Domingo
Jardin Botanico Nacional: Japanese Garden in Santo Domingo
Japanese Garden: Santo Domingo 2Japanese Garden: Santo Domingo 3Japanese Garden:  Santo Domingo 4Japanese Garden Santo Domingo 5Japanese Garden: Santo Domingo 6

Photos from Brazil

Christo StatuePeople at ChristoRio CathedralCopacabana BeachCentral Rio FavelaVendorCentral Rio de JaneiroBotanical GardenRio Botanical GardenSalvadorSalvadorRio  Sculpture

Four Days in Chicago

The last time I visited Chicago must have been around ten years ago. I was passing through on my way to New Orleans. I spent most of the afternoon looking around, and left by train later that evening. I vowed  that I would make  a visit sometime later.
The visit last weekend was as planned, but in many ways it was very different. I arrived to find a city preoccupied with the staging of a NATO meeting, and the demonstrations which were planned.. The trappings were unexpected, lots of talk of security, lots of police everywhere, and sometimes unnecessary closures of streets, and buildings. Yet the locals seem to take with candour, even though they were inconvenienced somehow.
Most pointed fingers at the new Mayor, suggesting he was simply flexing his muscles. Others were convinced that the security was probably needed. I wasn’t convinced; since I witnessed almost no demonstrations or threatening disruptions.
My big disappointment was on Sunday when I arrived at the The Art Institute to find it closed for the day. I thought it extreme for any museum to be closed down because of the planned demonstration. Later that day. I learned that the museum was closed to facilitate Mrs. Obama entertaining the wives of the visitors.
Did it wreck my holiday? Not altogether, as  I was able to adjust to situations whenever it was necessary.  But had I known about the planned event, I would have chosen another weekend.