Chasing Agaves 7000 Feet Up Mount Lemmon

Mount Lemmon, with an elevation of 9000 feet, is stuated in the Santa Catalina Mountains. It is located in the Coronado Natural Forest, north of Tucson, Arizona. To get to the the Agaves you can drive some of the way to a base point, and once parked there is a very obvious trail to follow up the mountain side. Following a circuitous trail for an hour you should have your first glimpse of the Agave parryi species at around 7000 feet, delicately perched on ridges, and encircled often by oversized rocks. There weren’t many of them, but more than enough to make the journey worthwhile.

Base Point: The start of the Trail
The V iew at around 7000 feet
Agave parryi var parryi

Mount Lemmon was named for the botanist Sara Plummer Lemmon who trekked to the top of the mountain with her husband. In the winter there is a Mount Lemmon Ski Valley on the northeastern side, which receives around 200 inches of snow.

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