Summer Greenhouse

It is almost the end of August and it is the time that I review my plant collection with an eye of getting ready for the autumn. Here in the UK the summer has been mixed, definitely not as warm as last yea. But surprisingly though the last few days have been very hot. Yet I have been able to keep with the usual chores of propagation and re-potting, and at the same time attending my ‘kaowinston’ Ebay site where I still insist on selling some of the extra plants which I do not need . This posting will offer you a surface look at my plant life activities this summer. But as always it is best to start with the accents of color which usually in special moments deffy my expectations.

Propagation is for me the very fun elelment of growing plants. Even if your motivations are not intented to the market forces, it does allow you to assist nature in maintaing some kind of order. Growing plant from seeds can be pleasurable even when you come up with unexpected results. Try roooting cuttings and rhizomes and you will soon learn this although offering you a different challenge, can also be very rewarding.

Species of Pereskia were very conspicuous the last three months. Not only were later to wake up after winter dormancy, some managed the impossible and unexpecteed feat of producing lovely flowers.

The greenhouse serves its purpose during the colder months, and although in the summer months you need to monitor its warmer temperature. Even then it can be quite useful.

Check out some more of the plants I grow in this video.

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