JUNE Blooms

It is the month of the year when the weather is fine, or should be.  It is definitely  the season to watch my plants grow.  It is also the time to grab your camera and capture the blooms.

Aeoniums and Puyas do not fit perfectly together.  But in this garden they were numerous.  The puya species are not difficult to grow, but they do need patience especially because of their many awkward spines. Another consideration is that they do grow quite large, and do need careful staging when grown in the garden. Aeoniums are very much more easy to deal with, especially as cuttings, because growing from seeds can take forever.

Tecoma Stans and Uncarina Decaryi!  What a lovely colour coded combination. The Tecomas are very commom in the tropical zones, and are quit easy to propagate.  Theie resplendent yellow blooms are a godsend.  The Uncarinas are very new caudex style plants, and do not like to experience cold.  Care must be taken, even though they will do nicely in greenhouse culture.


Brachychiton  and Euphorbia make a very unusual combination.  Euphorbias are quite commom in various combinations wherever we go.  The Brachychitons are less well known, as they hail all the way from Austrailia. The Brachychiton Bidwillii is even quite rare, and is never expected in any average botanical garden.

Here are some Aloes and Cacti , two genre of plants which are well known.

More Euphorbias, Aloes and Aeoniums!

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