France Has A New President

I spent the last three days in France. It was supposed to be my usual May weekend break, until I shifted the trip to coincide with the Bank Holiday. The mood in Nice, where I was staying at the Kyriad Hotel, was sombre. I was able to understand why when I looked closely at the breakdown of the election results.

Nice, and the rest of the Alpes-Maritimes population, was always described as a right-wing area. And sure enough the election proved this. In all the principal areas, the vote was over sxity percent in Nicolas Sarkosy’s favour, which showed that there was not much support for Monsieur Hollande. This, very definitely, explains the mood of the locals here; while in other part of the country, the people obviously continued celebrate.

It would be very interesting to see what the change in national leadership will mean for the Cote D’azur area. Tourism, no doubt, will continue to play its part in its economic existence, but what else will unfold. Maybe not much.

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